Olson Family Farms is in compliance with generally accepted Internet standards and practices regarding privacy principles. This statement discloses the privacy practices for the entire Web site. The purpose of a Privacy Statement is to build users' trust and confidence in the Internet, and partcularly our web site, by promoting generally accepted principles of disclosure and informed consent. Because this site wants to demonstrate its commitment to your privacy, we disclose our information practices.

When you visit our Web site, you can expect to be notified of: 

  1. What information this site gathers/tracks about you 
  2. What this site does with the information it gathers/tracks 
  3. With whom this site shares the information it gathers/tracks 
  4. This site's opt-out policy 
  5. This site's policy on correcting and updating personally identifiable information
  6. This site's policy on deleting or deactivating your name from a site owner's database 

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to our webmaster for clarification. 

Information this Site Gathers/Tracks

Our Site automatically captures IP addresses and Cookie ID's (which are set by this site). We keep a record on our server if a user knowingly provides the following information:

  • first and last name
  • postal address
  • email address
  • daytime phone number
  • company name
  • gender
  • title

 Use of the Information this Site Gathers/Tracks 

We use the information that we gather to register members so that they may enter our discussion forums. 

In addition, we use personal information to dynamically generate certain pages on our Web site and to send members our weekly e-mail newsletter if they so choose. We never sell or redistribute personal information.

Sharing of the Information this Site Gathers/Tracks 

We make personal information publicly available in only one context. If an individual posts to our discussion forums , it will show the individual's first and last name. 

Opt-out Policy 

If an individual posts to our discussion forums , it will show the individual's first and last name. If, however, the individual wishes to have their post removed, he or she can contact our webmaster and make that request. Updating Profile Once an individual signs into the site, there will be a link in our navigation bar to change his or her preferences. For example, if a member has chosen to receive our weekly newsletter, he or she may unsubscribe by changing that part of their preferences. If you have any questions, please contact our webmaster.

Deleting and Deactivation

If a member wishes to be removed from our site's database, they can contact our webmaster to be removed. Please note that some records may still exist in our logs. If a member has posted to our discussion forums, they must specifically request to have these removed.