Where is your farm?
Our farm is located in Kingsburg, California, which is in the Central Valley of California.

How long have you been growing organic fruit?
Our family has been growing fruit organically since 1889, when our family immigrated from Sweden and settled in the Central Valley of California.

What does it mean to grow produce organically?
Growing produce organically means that we do not use any non-organic pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or fungicides.

What is the difference between organic produce and conventionally grown produce?
Conventional farming allows the use of toxic sprays and other chemical products (insecticides, herbicides, etc.) to treat the ground and produce directly. In contrast, growing organically forbids the use of all toxic substances.

Doesn’t washing produce remove any harmful chemicals?
While washing fruit may remove some of the toxins from the surface of the fruit, it cannot remove toxins that remain inside the fruit.

How do you control insects if you are organic?
We control insects by natural methods such as cover crops, beneficial insects, and non-toxic pesticides.

What is the benefit of eating organic fruit?
Many studies have concluded that organic produce contains more nutrients. We feel the taste of our organic fruit is superior to conventionally grown produce.

Why is organic produce more expensive?
More time and labor is required to grow fruit organically. Organic growers are closely monitored in order to maintain their certified organic status.